Gospel of Jesus wife! watch video

Gospel of Jesus wife! watch video

You must have been living on planet mars and not on earth not to have heard the new ‘Jesus story’ going around the globe, or perhaps it is nothing new afterall this is not the first time we have heard ‘Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene’ Jesus is Gay’ or ‘Jesus is a muslim’!.

Well this latest news was unravelled by Professor Karen King of  Havard Divinity School and comes in form of a small torn papyrus that has eight incomplete lines of Coptic script. King said she received the papyrus from an ‘unnamed private collector’!. Its a fourth century CE codex.  You might say this is nothing new and well we have heard it all before, however the fans of Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci code’ see this as sensational and monumental to their already populist theories!

My view is a lot of people die at the young age of 34 without having a sexual relationship at all, why is it hard to believe that Jesus died celibate. He will not the first to be celibate and a virgin at 35 both male and female, even in this century 2012, there still a lot of people under 40 who are still virgins not to talk of 2,000 years ago.  So please I say to all Da Vinci fans, get a life! haha!

I just cant wait to hear the next unravelled story about all the dirty linen hidden in Jesus Christ’s closet.

Thank God for Jesus and His love for all!




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  1. Joey Basta says:

    So do you believe that this is true? That Jesus was married? Its just another attack on the authenticity of Jesus Christ and another try at damaging who Jesus is.

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