Nigeria’s Christian’s must convert, says Islamist group Boko Haram!

Nigeria’s Christian’s must convert, says Islamist group Boko Haram!

One thing I noticed in this world, is that the humble, the pro-peace, the non violent, the Christians in general have become an easy target for others to abuse!.

Christians are sometimes classified as ‘intellectual stupid’ because they choose to believe in the Bible, which its principle is based on having faith. Faith to believe that which you cannot see. Simply stated ‘believing is seeing’ as oppose to the norm ‘seeing is believing’!.

Christians non-violence stand has become a weapon of mass destruction for others to abuse. Hence Christians has become easy targets for violent groups to use as scapegoats to verge out their anger against the government, the society or what ever the cause is they are fighting for. In this year alone, over 5,000 Christian’s has been killed, bombed in their churches during sunday service, targeted in home fellowships and last week, 70 women and children were roasted by fire in their pastors house they ran to for shelter.

The Islamist Boko Haram group, nailed the entrance doors and petrol bombed the property, making sure they all died, their sin they were guilty of ‘Christian’. This is not an isolated case, but spreads round the global sphere, from India, to Pakistan, from China to North Korea, from Saudi Arabia to Iran.

Should we as Christians therefore take up arms and go crazy like the Islamist fundamentalists are, go back to Moses law’, an eye for an eye’.  I am truly thinking this might be the best solution, even though I know violence doesnt bring peace, at least it will produce some respect. An ultimatum has recently been given to Christians in the Northern part of Nigeria, ‘Convert to Muslim or die’!


Boko Haram’s ultimatum!

Islamist militants have claimed responsibility for the deaths of more than 50 people in north-central Nigeria – and called on the country’s Christians to convert to Islam.

Boko Haram spokesman Abu Qaqa, issued a statement that the Islamist group carried out the attacks on more than a dozen villages last weekend and said it will continue to attack the country’s Christians.

According to the statement: “Christians in Nigeria should accept Islam, that is true religion, or they will never have peace.

“We do not regard them as trusted Christians as some illiterates are campaigning because it was Christians that first declared war on Muslims with the support of government.”

Violence in Plateau state last weekend was blamed on members of the predominantly Muslim Fulani ethnic group, which attacked Christian tribes in the region in March 2010 due to political and social tensions.

According to a Red Cross statement issued late 1 July, aid workers counted 58 dead – but other estimates place the number higher. Press Trust of India reporters stationed in the capital Abuja stated that 135 people were killed.

In the statement Boko Haram thanked God for the massacre: “We praise God in this war for Prophet Mohammed, we thank Allah for the successful attack in… [the] Plateau state on Christians and security men.”

Speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need last month Bishop Martin Igwe Uzoukwu Minna said: “If we have to die for Christ, we will die for Christ, but why should we be forced to make the choice?”

Nigeria’s bishops have repeatedly called for Christians not to retaliate – but following the bombing of three churches on 17th June Muslim shops were targeted by Christians.

Aid to the Church in Need is calling for prayer for the country during this time of crisis.

ACN spokesperson Patricia Hatton said: “Church sources in the country have alerted us to the scale of the problems faced by Christians in the north.

With all this, do you think we should pick up arms ourselves and quit being on the defensive side? What’s our take?

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