What is this new “in thing” called The Atheist Church – Sunday Assembly!

What is this new “in thing” called The Atheist Church – Sunday Assembly!

Hearing a Church called “Sunday Assembly” instantly draws your conclusion that it is a Christian Church!.  However, if you are like me who is particularly weary of these end time churches, you will scrutinize it to see what exactly they preach there.

We already have “Church of Satan” where the congregation is encouraged to have a tattooed mark of 666 on there body!. We have the LGBT (lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender) Church.  etc.

atheist church1

Today is the Atheist Church called “Sunday Assembly”!. According to the Christian post they are doing well!. Having to expand to two Services because of their amazing increase in growth over the last 3 months its been established. A “godless congregation” in Nashville, Tenn. This is a branch church of the co-founder of the London-based Sunday Assembly, Sanderson Jones, and an agnostic documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock (with his European Jesus like image!).

atheist church3

The Sunday Assembly has been branded a success as it spreads its tentacles globally.

Is this just another anti Christian organisation?, just people looking for ways to get away from Gods value and principles, running away from the Gospel of truth to the Gospel of Self. The thing I have come to realise in life is, human beings are created to submit to one higher God, their is always a void in ones life with the individual searching round the world looking for this void to be filled.

Just like an empty garden, it can never barren, its either you plant good seeds or bad seeds grow out sooner or later. You either worship the God of Light or become a subject of darkness.  Nobody is a GOD “a free soul”!.

The Sunday Assembly is just another confused organisation trying hard to rebrand Christian values. Who is Love, who gives the gift of life, the grace to sing, laugh..

Lets wait and see where its going, perhaps we should revisit in 5 years time eh!.



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